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I was born and raised in Brazil by both of my parents and shortly after my little brother was born the whole family moved to Spain where I spent most of my teenage and young adult years. I can say that, since a young age, I already had an entrepreneurial mind; I still remember when I was 7 I would make a deal with my mother and grandmother by asking them to invest money into making ice-cream so I, in return, could go out to the streets of my neighbourhood and sell it, that was a fun game for me. 


At the age of 19, I decided that studying was not for me and since my focus was short-term money, as a result, I left school and started working for my dad helping him create his own service company. Some years later, due to the economic crisis that took place in Spain my father went bankrupt and decided to move back to Brazil with my mother and brother, I on the other hand decided to move to London. 


So there I was, at the age of 24 with no clue about English, no place to live and no friends; however, one thing I knew for sure: this is what I was supposed to do, so I did it! Before leaving to London, I was working with sound system installation and after telling my manager my plan to bring a sleeping bag with me in case I had to sleep in the street, she told me about her brother who was living in London and offered me to stay with him and sleep in his sofa for a week. That was a huge help! Two days after my arrival in the grey city, I started working at a restaurant and exactly within a week I moved to my new place in Streatham. Everything was a challenge, a real adventure that felt surreal most of the times. 

One year jumping from restaurant to construction jobs I finally found my jackpot with a catering company. Having a low level of English and a poor C.V. I was invited to an interview with this company that was looking for an event’s manager, obviously, because of my lack of skills I did not get the job, but I was offered something else instead: the opportunity to earn less than a manager position, learn the language and be taught the profession. That was a win for me! Up to this day, I am eternally grateful for every person in the company and for everything they have taught me, I will never forget. 






Working for this company for 6 years allowed me to save money, build my network as I met various people on the way and learn English, however, with no time for the improvement that I was looking for. I had limited free time since working from 40 to 90 hours was not something unusual, the job was very challenging and it required a lot of hard work that consumed most of my energy. But I could not stay in the same place, I had to make progress and with that in mind I started reading books about online business, marketing and biographies as well as listening to podcasts and webinars whenever I had the time, with the dream and hope in my heart of one day having my own business. 


Time goes fast, specially in London, and as we are constantly surrounded by distractions focus seems a hard thing to be achieved. Nonetheless, knowing that I had a long journey ahead of me and that no time could be wasted I can say that thanks to the constant support I received from my family and girlfriend I was able to dedicate a lot of my time to what would take me to the next level. So, I started working in different ideas of projects during my time off, always looking for a business model that would allow me to work from home giving me the opportunity to spend quality time with my loved ones, and at the same time have the necessary resources to travel around the globe and experience the different cultures. 


For about a year, I put a lot of time and effort into a business plan for a new concept of catering company. However, I realized there was not enough time and money to make it a reality and neither was it the model of business I was looking for (N.B. I still have the idea on paper if anyone is interested). Following that event, my first business partner and I made “El Carrito Ltd.” which can be translated as “The Spanish Cart” and the idea for this business was to sell Spanish ham and sangria in private parties presented in a unique rustic and customized cart. Because we did not have the appropriate knowledge to be able to promote ourselves we could not find customers and we made the decision to close the company. 


Businesses are so frustrating sometimes and I can say one my frustrations was not being able to see the fruits of my hard work. So much time was invested and no profit obtained. After that “loss-win” of mine, I worked towards building my self-confidence and putting all the boxes of my head in place. At first, I thought all the time and investment spent towards this project was lost, nonetheless, I realised that time was not wasted because 3 years before the only thing I did in my life was read, watch and listen to videos and podcasts talking about how to start a business. Stop and think, I did not go to university but I invested 3 years of my life into testing different business models with the final result of a real company that, yes, did not work; but all of that whilst working full-time for a catering company, earning a fair amount of money, preparing myself and studying whenever I could. All of this with very good time management. I could definitely see more benefits than disadvantages. I was looking for a long-term business that would give me long-term success. 


Soon after the closure of “El Carrito Ltd.”, a friend of mine told me about his job with gardening and removals and his difficulty with not having enough work. He therefore asked for my help with taking the calls and bringing business in, in other words, he was looking for a better marketing strategy. Without a doubt I jumped in! I asked another friend to help with the calls since my time was limited and I can say the beginning was pretty amazing. I knew how to make things reality because I was aware of all that was required to start a company, it definitely took me some practice with my previous projects but thanks to that in one week we had the logo, website, SEO and marketing strategy set up. In the first week of business our phone was constantly ringing, I still remember the first call, it felt like a one million pounds call! The sense of satisfaction was very gratifying and all the hard work paid off. 



This company is called WEMOVEON Ltd. I am still working on its structure and business plan for the future. Apart from that, I am currently involved in the development of additional businesses and projects. 



I've failed over and over and over again in my life,

and that is why I succeed.       

 _Michael Jordan



In life, there’s two types of business: the one you create to simply give you a job and the one you create to give a job for others, leverage your life and at the same help other people. I will stick with the second one, thanks!


One of my biggest problems in school was that, no matter how hard I tried, I did not like reading. But, what I didn't know was that the liking part wasn’t the problem, it actually was the fact my brain rejected anything it recognised as a waste of time; so learning things that were of literally no help for my real life was not welcome. In fact, a few years ago I realised I love reading books but only those that add value to my life and to my business, and honestly it is a real shame I didn't realise this when I was younger. 


My interests include topics like business, marketing, neuro-linguistic, emotional intelligence, helping people grow and time management. I’m a big follower of some great business people and marketers to whom I often listen to in podcasts; however, I always make sure of having my own opinion and for that my ears act like as a filter that allows for the absorption of useful information and the discarding of useless ones. Helping people is important to me, I see it as an opportunity to help them grow while I grow and learn with them at the same time, it’s a principle that yields amazing results of happiness and joy that money will never be able to buy. Last but not least, time management is one of the most powerful tools I have at my disposal to achieve what I’m aiming for and, with that in mind, I am constantly looking for “dead” time in order to fill it up with something productive. 



I am currently working on a project that I believe to be the biggest project of my life. Also the most complicated, expensive and with the most responsibilities involved. Below, I provide the things that I look for and that inspire me when working on a business idea:


  1. Find a problem in society

  2. Give a solution to the problem and that way to your customers

  3. Help your customers achieve their goals

  4. Never ever give up!


This is my recipe to create a project that will make my business long-term and successful. 


Well, that is all for now. If you read everything up to this point, I give you my congratulations! It means you enjoyed my story and advice. Even if you’re a start-up, entrepreneur or a business and marketing expert, please add me on Facebook or simply drop me some lines by email! Let’s keep in touch and help each other. 


Remember: when we help others grow, we grow! 


Have a safe Journey,

Fernando LM

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